Friday, 14 September 2012

In the beginning...

Welcome to my Prestopeople blog spot. If you have dipped into this page you too are wanting to start earning again after a career break.

I decided to start blogging after meeting many mothers at the school gates who were, to them, doing the most important job in the world, raising their children yet wanting to help contribute to the household finances, too. All they wanted was a job for mums.

For some it was an absolute necessity to start earning, for others it helped them financially keep their heads above water or enable them to buy the little luxuries that their household would otherwise do without. There were also some who didn’t need to work at all but were simply bored and wanted part-time work. Don’t think I came across many of those, though!

I’ve met many women who are making their own luck – a lot of them mothers who fit in their work around school drop off and pick up times. This blog is an attempt to share their experiences through case studies in the hope that it inspires others.

I’ll also be researching the online jobs market finding my way around the job sites to see how easy they are to use and what’s out there in the way of part-time work for women, in the main. I’ll provide details of links to the information that may help you in your quest.

Another of my research targets will be education and how you can give yourself a leg up through various adult education courses in the UK. Meanwhile, keep dipping in and reading the blog – you might find a snippet of information that is useful. If you do, it would be great if you’d tell me.

My blog site is in the construction phase, so you should see some changes over the coming weeks – bear with me while I bring myself into the 21st Century.

The next blog will give you some details about tax such as how much you can earn before you have to start paying tax.

Hey Presto People!

TRIVIA...but it was SOOOOOO entertaining
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  1. This is a great idea for a blog and congratulations for coming up with it. There must be lots of women out there who need this kind of site, where information about working as a mum and the options available for training etc are presented clearly and in one place. As a working mum I often find it difficult to find the info I need on the internet so good on you for trying to make life easier.