Friday, 12 October 2012

Volunteer to get a job

o. You are looking for part-time work for women but you know you are going to have to bide your time before you find a) the job you want to apply for b) an interview and c) you get the contract of employment.

Meanwhile, what’s the harm in offering your skills as a volunteer? There are plenty of people who have found paid employment through volunteering. Moi, being one of them.

I went to offer my press and PR services for free to a charity and really had the wind taken out of my sails when during my informal interview with the head of a charity I was offered a job on the spot – a part-time job!

It wasn’t the first voluntary role I applied for. I also worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau, again in a press and PR capacity and used my experience there to get myself another part-time job. This time it wasn’t with the organisation I helped out.

A newspaper, which I’d applied to join, asked me to find an off-diary story to secure the job ahead of my competitors. So I went back to the CAB people I was working with and interviewed them about the staggering amount of personal debt in the area.

I got the page three lead and a contract.

What I’m saying is, MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK. You CAN do it! Volunteering is a great way to boost your confidence after a gap in your employment history. I’ve spoken to some mums who think they are unemployable yet they run their family homes so efficiently, manage the day-to-day accounts and they still don’t feel they have anything to offer.

Having witnessed at first hand the kind of help charities need, I know that those kinds of skills are very valuable to them. There are all sorts of opportunities to brush up on skills and find new ones within a charity. But most of all, I think it gives women who have been out of the workplace, a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.

So get cracking! Hey presto people.

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  1. Very interesting! Thanks for that. Sarah