Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A smart phone – your route to work?

re you still carrying around that old Nokia? You know, the one that only allows you to make and receive calls and text messages?

Until just a year ago I, too, was happy with my old Nokia. It had an operating system I understood and I didn’t have the time for the new fangled “smart” phones. Why buy a smart phone? Who wants to be on the web all the time anyway?

I was a mother. I had better things to do than fiddle around looking at my phone. Just one look at my husband, who couldn’t be parted from his Samsung Galaxy II, was enough to make me think I didn’t need this technology.

But that all changed. Why? I missed out on a part-time communication/media relations job. I was one of the few who got an interview for the job that I was well qualified for just four years ago. One of the reasons I didn’t get it was because I didn’t have enough social media experience.

Panic set in. I was obsolete. My 20 years in journalism counted for nothing I told myself. Of course, that was rubbish. I just had to adapt.

I had a Facebook page, which I dipped into maybe once a month, and I had also created a Twitter presence that was so dormant it was in permanent hibernation, but how was I going to get this social media experience?

I was flapping until a chance conversation with a friend, who posted on her Facebook page frequently. This is the gist of the conversation:

Me: “When do you find the time to dip into it?”

Her: “Well, it’s on my phone. I always have my phone with me so if I’m waiting for the spuds to boil I’ll dip in.”

That was my light-bulb moment. A week later, after a bit of research, I bought a low-budget smart phone to “get me started”. Now I look at iPhone owners with envy and I’m looking to upgrade my smart phone to a faster model, although for a modest budget, still.

I confess, I’m using probably just 10 per cent of the gadgets my basic phone is capable of but I regularly dip into the weather so I know how to dress the kids for the day, the news, and Twitter feeds to check what’s going on in the world and to remain current. Why, I even blog!

If I chose to I could receive all my emails through my smart phone. I can even update my blog wherever I am in the world.

The internet has changed the world around us rapidly. According to statistics from Google the rise of smart phones has created smarter consumers. It calls it a “smart phone movement” because smart phones are “always on, always with us and always connected”.

Google says that has given businesses the opportunity for “smarter marketing”. If you want to work for any business, whether your role is in marketing or not, your wages will start to rely on this kind of technology sooner than you think.

Not only that, your children are growing up with it. Do you really want to be a technological dinosaur and get left behind?

Still not convinced? You may not believe it yet but getting on board with the smart phone movement is in your interest. Smart phones can help you save a packet by accessing great deals in the high street shops and elsewhere, in fact they have turned us into savvy shoppers.

They say 79% of people in the US with smart phones use them to help with the shopping, either to price check or find out some other piece of information that helps with buying decisions.

Finally, maybe this will shift your perception: your smart phone could be the instrument that helps you get your next job. You can access those job alerts on the move and even apply for them or react to emails offering you an interview.

So get current, you know you really want to. And if your smart phone helped you access your job I want to hear from you.

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  1. You are so right about social media. I have had work through Twitter and I'm lost now if I can't check my emails on my phone. It quickly becomes indispensible and it is becoming a vital business tool - at least it is for me and I'm sure many other people have the same view. Great post by the way!