Thursday, 6 December 2012

Seduced by a Kindle

t happened to me in the bedroom as my husband watched on! Oooer, saucy, I hear you say. I’m over my moment of madness and no one has been hurt. Amazingly there is no financial fallout either.

The object of my affections? Why the new touchy feely Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, of course. I’ve been lusting after one for a while. Wait. I’ll be honest. Just two weeks really since my husband casually asked me whether I wanted one for Christmas.

I spent those weeks industriously researching which e-reader would be the best to “acquire” and I’ve since found out this:

That the e-reader market doubled over Christmas in the UK last year? The stats come from Book Marketing Ltd and were released by the Publishers Association, which represents book, journal, electronic and audio publishers in the UK.

Those figures say 24 per cent of those who downloaded an e-book did so for the Amazon Kindle and in the 30 days following Christmas 2011, those new e-reader owners bought 10 million e-books.

In the same period there were 18.6 million old-fashioned books bought. Me? I LOVE books and for a long while I wasn’t convinced e-readers were a good thing. That was until darling hubby suggested I might like one. The seduction began.

During my research I realised the new Kindle Fire wasn’t for me because if I was going for a tablet, which let’s face it that is, I’d want a bigger one. Like all women, eh? (Too much 50 Shades...).

I liked the new Nook, but decided against it because I’m not convinced that the American company that produces it, bookseller Barnes and Noble, will have all the titles that I might want.

Also techradar reviewed it and said it has a really annoying fault of leaving a faint imprint of text from the previous page on subsequent pages. A deal breaker for me, although I loved the “glow” gadget it comes with so you can read in the dark.

Then I came across the Paperwhite in Waterstones. For 20 minutes I was all over it. I touched it. I stroked it. I delved into its inner core. Then I walked out on it.

After dipping into the Amazon bookstore via Paperwhite, it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t just looking for the convenience of not carrying a paperback in my handbag, I wanted to save money in the bookstore, too. E-books were cheaper, right?

Hmmmm. Maybe, but this baby wasn't going to be easy on my pocket, gift or no gift. You see, I buy second-hand books on Amazon whenever I can. It’s cheaper and I’m saving the trees! Or that’s what I tell myself. But if I wanted to buy an e-book it’s still going to set me back five or six quid a time.

As I stood in front of the object of my affections I quickly did the maths. I read up to 30 books a year, either borrowed or second hand and some new from Amazon. I then flog them for 20p each in a car boot sale.

But if I bought 30 e-reader books at £5 a pop, I’ll be spending £150 a year. For me the sums just don’t add up. I CAN borrow the e-books belonging to someone else, but the catch is I can only have them for 14 days.

I’m not sure what happens then. Hopefully my Kindle wouldn’t self destruct, but I believe what the small print tells me. Get it read. Quick. Or else!

I don’t read books that quick. I like to savour every word in my mouth and roll them around like an aniseed ball. I don’t have piles of books that I don’t know what to do with as I either give them to friends to enjoy or I flog ‘em.

So... that is why I’m over my seduction. Maybe I’m just cheap, though!


  1. I have a kindle and I'm always downloading books that are recommended on blogs, usually written by people who write blogs. They aren't expensive and I like to see what other boggers are writing about, how they write etc. Also, there are lots of free and inexpensive books on Amazon, I have read a few of those and I've not been disappointed. I have bought a few bestsellers also and these tend to be cheaper than the paper versions. And the kindle is handy when you're on holiday as it doesn't take up as much space as books do.

    1. You have truly given me food for thought. I should just say I'm looking for any excuse to re-kindle (geddit) my passion with the new Paperwhite. You might just have given me the new incentive for another love in! Maybe the research should continue. Thanks.

  2. Love this! As previously said I couldn't part with the tactile relationship I have with my books, the excitement at seeing the pile on the bedside cabinet I have yet to plough through. But if money was no object would I want a sleek, glossy ultra stylish and compact kindle - hell yeah! X