Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cheap rail tickets they don't tell you about

e’ve just been on a fabulous day trip to London (next blog) but I wanted to let you know about a great train deal that is definitely NOT trumpeted by National Rail for families.

Did you know that you can get a Network Railcard entitling you, three other adults and four children up to a third off an off-peak ticket if you travel in London and the south east?

This rail card would normally cost you £28 for the year, something that IS advertised by Network Rail. But what they seem to be keeping quiet is if you ship up at the ticket office with a commuter in possession of a “gold” annual season ticket you get that rail card for just £1.

The only caveat it seems is that your ‘friend’ with the gold card can only help one person a year buy one of these rail cards.

I haven’t tested this out yet but I know someone who has on an annual basis. However, I HAVE been down to the ticket office at my local station and the chap there confirmed that my friend’s experience was correct.

He gave me a leaflet about it and pointed out there is a map of the destinations this railcard will take you to. His only warning was: “It will take you to Exeter but not to Ipswich!”

I’ve read through that leaflet and it fails to mention the gold-pass holder discount. However, I’ve done a bit of hunting and found the information on the National Rail website under ‘Gold Passes’.

It appears that Gold Pass holders can get this discount for adults and children they are travelling with without having to buy the National Railcard.

You could argue that Gold Pass holders probably already know about this, but what about those of us who don’t have a Gold Pass holder in the house? Anyway, you’ve got the information now.

Scroll down to the last paragraph under the heading “What discounts do I get?” for the information you need about the £1 railcard. Have a great day out.


  1. Once again, some valuable information for us mums on a budget. Thanks Phillipa x

  2. Thanks for your message. Always great to get feedback like this. Any more tips I have I'll pass on. Was thinking about starting to post family dinner recipes. Would anyone find that useful?