Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pure filth - you'll love it - FAB Oven cleaner

’m not too proud of this but the picture below shows the state I allowed my oven to get into. Yes, I’m a slattern but I just couldn’t face all that elbow grease.

I had the same feeling in an office I once worked at every time someone sent me to the messy stationery cupboard to find something. “Don’t send me in there!” Then the begging started, “Can’t YOU do it for me, I’m not sure I’ll come out for days if I go in.”

I digress. Back to the oven. I even considered paying one of those specialist oven cleaners to come in and do the job for me and I’ve heard some of them charge £45 – that’s how desperate I was.

Every time I opened the oven door I shut my eyes to the mess and issued a quiet promise to this inanimate object that helps me create half decent meals that tomorrow I'd clean it, which of course I failed to keep.

So why am I telling you all this domestic drudge? Well this little handy housewife hint is too good NOT to share. If you don’t want to scrub your oven... EVER you’ve just got to get a bottle of OvenMate.

If you haven’t got one go out to Lakeland or contact one of those committed Kleeneze distributers and get yourself one for under a tenner.

It comes with a little paint brush to apply the clear gel on to your scummy oven interior (BBQ or greasy pan). Once I’d liberally applied it Van Gogh-like, I slammed the oven door shut and got on with other stuff for an hour (or two since as you can see my oven was particularly mistreated).

When I came back all I did was wipe it gently with a sponge and VOILA! It was such a thing of beauty I couldn’t help but play with it and write the word "clean" in the filth before wiping it all off 10 seconds later Yes, what a sad life I lead!

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