Friday, 10 May 2013

Running a costume-jewellery business – Paula’s gems of knowledge

e all like a little bit of bling to brighten up our outfits. But Paula Williams took it a stage further. She set up her own business selling costume jewellery and branched out into bags and scarves.

The mother of two discovered her new money-making outlet after her second child went to school and she found herself with time on her hands and the urge to start working.

Paula Williams with one of her scarves
She already had a long background working in the jewellery industry so it wasn’t such a giant leap into the great unknown for the 43-year-old from North Essex.

With her knowledge of the industry it wasn’t long before the Paula Bling costume jewellery business was born and it took off through her jewellery parties.

She has spent ten years selling costume jewellery to friends, family and the public and although she is now playing a bigger part in her husband Lee’s Hatton Garden jewellery business, she still does the parties from time to time.

She casts her mind back to the beginnings of Paula Bling and says she got the idea for jewellery parties as she found herself attending parties such as Pampered Chef. “It just grew from there.

“Now I travel all around Essex with the parties and I sell at a lot of charity events and craft fairs.”

She accepts the brisk business with parties is “not what it used to be” mainly as the market has become bloated with other parties selling a variety of products: “But I still pick up party business,” she says.

These days she finds networking is helping draw in business and has taken part in ‘pamper evenings’ at the local school for instance. In the run up to Christmas she can be very busy. “From October I probably do five parties a week.”
Bestseller: Gerbera necklace
She accepts she could spread her net wider if she developed an online presence but admits that’s not her. Her advice to others starting any business is simple: do your research, know your products and start small so you can build up gradually.

The income from Paula Bling goes a long way to helping out the family finances, the running of the house and the food bills, which she confesses are not small with two sons of senior-school age! It also means she’s on hand for her first and major job, being a mum.  

To book a party Paula can be contacted on 07941 892978.


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