Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How much time do you spend washing dishes?

 used to think I spent about 2 hours every day washing/drying dishes and putting them away. Not any more my friends.

I must be the only woman over 40 who has NEVER had a dishwasher... until now.

Almost everyone I confessed to about living without would look at me as if I’d grown another head: “What? You wash up? Every day?”

Yep. The truth is when there was just the two of us we really didn’t need one but when the kids came along it was a whole different story.

It’s taken a mere five years to get one, purely because we followed the wrong advice, which was that it would be very costly to put in a dishwasher.

Since we want to completely gut our Eighties kitchen (sometime in the next millennium) it didn't seem to be a viable option. It was desperation that inspired my ‘lightbulb’ moment and changed things.

Prompted by daddy longlegs, who was sick of me moaning about how my life would change with one, he said: “Just get on with it. Where else could it be fitted?”

I recalled pointing at the kitchen cupboard next to the fridge and saying: "If we lose that it’ll work." I called the plumber and he said: “Yeah, simple. Eighty quid!”

Had I really wasted all those man hours to washing up when all it took was to ditch the cupboard that I stash the plastic in and hand over eight tenners?

Within two weeks our lovely LG model arrived and we fell in love with it. Ahhhh, what bliss it is. I couldn’t contain my excitement the day it arrived. I knew I’d been going on about our new arrival too much when my five year old wrote me a note that said “Happy dishwasher day”.

Almost everyone I spoke to said variously: “It’s about time”, “It’ll change your life”, “You won’t look back,” and “I can’t believe you’ve existed all this time without one.”

We had a roast dinner that weekend and it took me five minutes to load the dishwasher, slam the door shut and join the family on the crowded sofa for an afternoon film as we scoffed chocolate.

That night, as it started up its cycle daddy longlegs and I paused, stood back and admired our new purchase, then we patted it, kissed it and went up the wooden hill. Isn’t technology grand.

What piece of technology has changed YOUR life?

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