Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Barbara Daly - Flawless Primer - my new best friend!

r Observant was eating his tea while reading the latest copy of The Week as I pulled up a chair and sat down next to him whilst training my eyes on the side of his bearded face.

“What’s different?” I said and he turned, obligingly in my direction, a loaded fork hovering near his lips.

He scanned my face and said confidently: “New lipstick.”

“No. Try again.”

“Your hair’s different.”

“No. Have another go.”

“Ah... I know what it is, you’ve had a shave...”

Neither of us could contain ourselves. After a full minute of laughing, I said: “I’m wearing foundation.” A new thing for me.

“Oh yeah. I thought your skin looked a bit smoother.”

I’ve been pondering my skin just recently and it really isn’t what it used to be. When I look in the mirror I see the signs that I’m turning into my 74-year-old mother.

It’s not as bad as you might think. She’s the one with the good genes. A red head for whom the advancing years have turned her carrot-coloured locks to a gorgeous shade of strawberry blonde.

She’s also got that peaches and cream skin that’s covered in thousands of freckles. Fortunately, on the whole I inherited her complexion but my father’s genes (a spotty mess as a teenager) are, of course mixed in, too.

I thought I’d seen the welcome end of spots when my teenage years disappeared but they have made an unwelcome return. I could blame it all on him and ignore the fact that the ravages of time are catching up with me.

But now I have discovered a particularly alluring product to help dig me out of my blemish hole, along with a foundation – my new best friend – polyfilla for the face, otherwise known as "flawless Primer”. I just had to share it with you.

You can pay a pretty penny for it, too. Benefit does “Pore Fessional”, which costs an eye-watering £24 and I’m sure you can buy other products that are much more expensive. I checked out the Make-up range by Barbara Daly at Tesco and found just what I wanted at £10.

It’s pretty popular. I got the last little pot – the packaging was a bit battered, which is probably why it was the last one. They had a three for two offer (the cheapest being free) so I thought, “What the hell,” and went for foundation, too, something I’ve never got into, and pressed powder (been wearing it for years).

Anyway, this Flawless Primer fills in all those unattractive pores as well as the fine lines. Do they disappear? No, of course not, but at my age I’ll gratefully accept even the slightest of improvements, which this is.

As I was shopping alone, when I reached the safe confines of the car, I trained the rear-view mirror on my face and started slapping it on.

Of course, I hadn’t really done the prep, like take my existing minimalist makeup off so it wasn’t actually a very smooth application but even I had to give a nod to myself and say: “Not bad.”

Unless I’m preaching to the converted, I recommend it – give it a go.

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