Thursday, 2 January 2014

Divorce D-Day

eard something a bit depressing today. Tomorrow, 3 January, is known as Divorce D-Day – the day that people wanting to legally and financially split from their spouse get in contact with their solicitor.
I’m right aren’t I? Depressing, isn’t it. Among family divorce lawyers apparently enquiries go up by 30 per cent more than the second busiest month of the year.
Other stats I have found say divorce enquiries double in this month.
New Year, new start it would appear for those people who have been quietly thinking about shedding their other half.
But Divorce Friday, as it has become known, marks the start as this is the first day of the year that most legal firms are available for business after the Christmas break.
Following a concentrated period of time together at Christmas it would appear that those on the brink decide they have had enough and that next Christmas is going to be different!
According to a UK national newspaper the relationship counselling organisation Relate is at its busiest in January, too. Excuse me while I slit my wrists.
In the same national newspaper, it says “Leading divorce lawyers give their top tips on how to split”, which has to be the most depressing line I’ve heard this year other than death and destruction stories.
Maybe I’m just a romantic but I always feel a little bit down in the dumps when I hear that people I know are about to go their separate ways.
If you are interested, these are the tips that this story (OK if you must know it’s in my least favourite paper, the Mail online) gives as “classic divorce mistakes to avoid”.
While I don’t want to help propel anyone down the breaking-up route the story did seem to have some sound advice – you’ll have to dip into it yourself if you want read a lot more but these are the ‘DON’T’ headings:
1.       DON’T Give up at the first sign of trouble
2.       DON’T Refuse help
3.       DON’T Think that when it comes to family law you know it all
4.       DON’T Think that legal aid is available
5.       DON’T Panic about legal fees
6.       DON’T Throw money away
7.       DON’T Withhold information
8.       DON’T Hide money. Don’t even think about it
9.       DON’T Think verbal agreements count
10.   DON’T Settle your finances before you are ready
Don’t really want to end on something so serious flippantly so I’m not going to. Just thought it was worth raising and spare a thought for those who might be going through it.

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