Saturday, 4 January 2014

Whiz Freedom - never 'bob down' again...

 went camping over the summer and got caught short in the middle of the night. Not like me  as I usually hold my water like a camel.
I blame it on the owls. They woke me up with their hooting at Clippesby Hall in Norfolk and once awake the old bladder got active.
It was just after August Bank Holiday and the weather should have been roasting, but this is England and as we all know it just isn’t that predictable.

The day before we arrived it rained, badly. However, we brought the sun with us. Anyway, that’s a long way of saying the weather wasn’t particularly hot. In fact, in the middle of the night it was positively chilly.
As I lay in my sleeping bag hoping the urge would pass by, I realised I was fighting a lost cause.
I got up, pulled on my ski socks, rammed my feet into my Birkenstocks, threw my fleece on over my PJs and stuck my headtorch on my bonce. I looked ravishing! Off I went to the toilet block.
It wasn’t a pleasant experience. Let me set the scene for you. Without my headtorch it was pitch black, ample opportunity to trip over tent pegs.
As I walked through the orchard it was obvious that a spooky mist had descended and yes, I was spooked. At the loo block I emptied my bladder pretty quick and made a fast trip back to our tent.
Once I was safely wrapped up in my sleeping bag trying to get warm again I vowed that the next camping trip would be different, I was going to buy a SheWee and the next time I needed a loo trip in the middle of the night I’d be able to stand in the nearby bushes and relieve myself in the anonymity of the dark.
In fact, after a bit of research I bought something even better, a Whiz Freedom (I got mine from Amazon for about £6 including postage).
The first time I “let go” standing over the toilet at home practising I couldn’t help laugh like a hyena. I thought it was so good I bought one for a friend who is notorious for having a weak bladder. Now she says she wouldn’t be without it!
Missed a trick today, though. Went on a family trip to London and had to hover in what I call “the jockey pose” over a public loo in a tube station as I did my tinkle. Wished I’d had my Whiz then.
Would be happy to review a SheWee if someone thinks it is better!
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